Alzheimer's Test

Alzheimer’s Test

A quick test to see where your mind is at. It’s quite possible that you’re in need of professional help!

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What comes in threes?

They say that bad luck, good luck, wheels on a tricycle, little piggies, blind mice, stooges and amigos all come in threes

A carjacking followed by an armed holdup

One of our work vehicles was car-jacked last Tuesday evening and then used in an armed hold-up at the Lae Yacht Club on Saturday morning.

The Best of News Feeds #28

Round-up of stories that have recently found their way into my newsreader

Boys will be boys

The three of us in our backyard at 4th Street plus a story about a Mack truck and one-upmanship

PNG Postal Codes

Postal codes of Papua New Guinea courtesy PNG Post

Please allow me to rub it in folks

After Google recently updated it’s PageRank (PR) algorithm – ranking for Trupela Tok jumped from a 5 to a whopping 7.