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Lae Rotary

Had the opportunity last night to attend a Rotary meeting in Lae. There are two clubs in Lae – one that meets at the Melanesian and the other at the Lae International

A late night…

Eye balls hanging out of my head after a late night. After my laptop crashed last week I was forced to rebuild it. Getting Windows XP back on was not a problem but With my friend Steve B. recently sending me out a copy of Suse Linux V10 I was keen to get both operating systems up and running. So therefore the late nights

Monday morning!

And the start of another week. I am facing a busy schedule over the next few days so today’s posting will be in point form

DBS Rugby Team 2006

After a hard week it was nice to unwind yesterday and watch the DBS (Department of Business Studies) Rugby team wip Civil Engineering’s arse

The day I met the Governor…

PNG is definitely the “Land of the Unexpected” !

10 Reasons why the past week has been the hardest

This past week has been the hardest week by far since arriving in PNG, April 2005. Right now I feel both exhausted and relieved. Exhausted due to the quantity and intensity of issues and experiences that I have had to face. Relieved because the worst is behind me

Why I choose not to own a TV.

I went over to my mates place (Geoff) last night to watch the 1st round of State of Origin. We talked, ate pies and sausage rolls, Geoff had a beer and I sank some orchy

PNG a Divided Nation

The best dam editorial I have read in PNG !!

To those of you…

that care for me and stay tuned to my blog and read yesterday’s post – the Lariam (Mefloquin) I pumped myself full of last night has broken the back of this hideous illness – the big “M” (Malaria) – not a pleasant experience at all, especially the shivering and shaking

Things aren’t always crash hot…

in paradise !

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