Children of life…

I just had 30 mins. with the pigs. It's 9pm'ish, one of the local
churches disrespectfully blares in the background, other Melanesian
sounds of the night also abound. The crickets and frogs, other insect
life, the odd dog barking, a car drives by somewhere in the distance.
And here I am at home and between other choirs and homely activities, 30
mins with the my little piggies. Mr “Prof” Oink and Mrs “Princess” Oink.
Mr and Mrs Oink. The “Oinks” – for short.
Very much children of life.
30 mins with the Oinks. “Prof” the boy and “Princess” the girl. Each
very much their own. Each expressing his or her own essence of
“princess”. The two so different yet the two so much the same.
As I sat in the backyard with them, I talked and they grunted back. Pigs
have a lovely grunt you know. Grunts, snorts and the odd squeal. I
detest the squealing, sound of the devil if you ask me.
Golden rule : don't like the sound of a squealing pig… keep them well
fed (that's very well fed!).
I scratched and brushed them, gave them some bread. Talked some more.
Some more grunts, pleasing to the ears. They love being scratched.
Very much children of life.
A moment in time,
when human and animal come together.
Pig whisperer perhaps?
The boundary between man and pig fades. It doesn't disappear entirely
but transforms and/or transcends the barrier and illusion of
separateness between that which has life. The man/pig barrier is broken
and there is connection with my “babies”.
Pigs are stubborn creatures (very stubborn) nevertheless, somewhere
within their pigheaded “ness” there also lies a need to surrender and be
cared for and be stroked and to be nearby. I have heard pigs referred to
as social creatures.
There you go… a psychological need that humans and pigs have in
common : the clear need for social interaction!
Having said all of the above…
At the end of the day – pigs are still pigs!
Pigs love to eat – you know. Boy, do they love to eat! And when they're
hungry they will certainly let you know this fact. (Squeal… squeal…
squeal). And when they are hungry they get irritated and the more
hungrier they get the more irritated they become. The more irritated the
more squealing. Get the picture?
And when they piss me off no end…
I start talking to them about canadian pancakes – with lots of maple
syrup and bacon and eggs, chops and bbq's. The pig on a spit gets them
The squealing stops… but only for a few seconds.
Just like I can't speak or understand “grunt” they don't understand english.
Just as things are meant to be !

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  1. Anonymous

    hey Robert
    Did I tell you I stuck up for you the other day? This bloke said you were not fit to live with pigs. I told him that this was not right and that he should not say such things because you are fit to live with them.