BBQ a la “Mamboo” style…

Last night we ate like kings!

“Mamboo” is a style of PNG cuisine that basically involves stuffing a piece of bamboo with goodies and then throwing it on to the fire for an hour or so. Uncle Joel was staying with us for a couple of nights and last night we had a feast for dinner. One of the best things about living in the PNG Highlands is the cheap and easy access to a range and selection of vegetables that are just superb.

Whilst Eli and Uncle Joel were busy preparing dinner I pulled out my camera and captured the evidence. All photos have been posted and can be viewed in the “Gonix Street – Goroka” photo album. There’s a couple of shots of “Gelo” the dog – the newest member of our household and also a nice shot of the backyard.

The preparation…
Mamboo preparation

The cooking…
The cooking of the Mamboo

The feast…
The Mamboo feast!!

(The days of perfecting my two minute noodle recipes are well and truly over!!)

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