The Best of News Feeds #13

Here’s a collection of some of my favourite stories that found their way into my newsreader over the past couple of weeks:

Nothing lasts forever… or does it?

Jonathan Bailey: Deleting Content on the Web

There’s an old saying that, once something has been uploaded to the Internet, it can not be truly deleted. The nature of the Web, one where content is copied and pasted constantly, makes it impossible, at least in theory, to actually remove any work added to it, no matter how hard one may try…

Some great tips for those starting out with their own site

Ivana Katz: 24 Essential Pages to include on Your Website

Wondering what pages to include on your website and why? Here is a list of important information that should be included on your site…

A perspective on the issues facing PNG

MadDog: Expatriate Assistance or Expatriate Rule?

With apologies to those in far places to whom much of this will make little sense, I’d like to take advantage of my inability to upload images at the moment to present this item of intense local interest. The following appeared in yesterday’s The National (27 January 2009). Please hold your judgment about my reasons for presenting it here until you’ve read it. I’ll have comments at the end…

What’s wrong with my existing email client?

IT Tok Tok: Offline Gmail

Google has recently announced that Gmail is going offline. What does this mean Wantoks is that Google Labs is currently experimenting to close the gap between desktop and web-based applications. With Offline Gmail you are now able to access your Gmail from your browser any time even if you do not have an Internet connection turned on…

A promise for Fiji – perhaps pie in the sky for PNG?

The Coconut Wirelessk: The Promise of O3b Networks

I’ve written previously about O3b Networks, a satellite start-up that promises to deliver IP backhaul services to the developing world. I had a good fortune to speak with their CEO, Director of Asia-Pacific Sales, and Head of Ground Networks at the recent PTC conference in Honolulu…

Very handy info for locals wanting to study OS

David Ulg: Study opportunities in the USA for PNG students

I have received numerous emails about study opportunities in the United States since I started writing up this blog. Therefore, I don’t have much time to reply emails individually so I had to write the following information to share some light to those who are interested in seeking information to pursue study opportunities here or elsewhere. The information is mostly for Lutherans but it doesn’t hurt for other church members to apply. Furthermore, you can always check with the government of PNG as well as various embassies in PNG where they offer numerous scholarships. My intention is help any fellow Papua New Guinean to excel no matter where you come from in PNG. If you’ve any questions, please; do not hesitate to contact me…

The twisted audacity of the local chiefs

Malum: Questions the Papua New Guinea government must answer

Julian Moti affair of October 2006 in which an international fugitive was spirited out of Port Moresby to Solomon Islands in a clandestine operation on a Papua New Guinea Defence Force aircraft, apparently ordered by the Prime Minister as revealed by the PNG Defence Commission of Inquiry..

Kev continues to blog even during his Pacific cruise!

Kev: Vila, Vanuatu

This morning, Monday, we docked in Vila, Vanuatu. The harbour is very picturesque with a few islands in the entrance and small early morning ferries transporting people to the mainland. The passenger dock is very grotty compared to Noumea…

Why doesn’t this surpise me?

Tavurvur: Barrick Gold PNG Blacklisted as ‘Unethical’ Corporation

Norway is Leading the March on Ethics in Business Practice. I’ve always been a fan of the scandinavian realm, particularly Finland, Sweden, and Norway. I think the fact that I went to school and lived in boarding houses with kids from these countries, who have since become long-life friends, has played a key role in establishing within myself such a fondness…

What do code and poetry have in common?

Kyle Eslick: January 2009 WordPress Statistics Now Available

For those interested in monitoring the progress of, Matt has posted the January statistics for WordPress. Here are the statistics Matt has provided: * 372,519 blogs were created…

When will it all start to slow down?

Jeffrey Way: How Ubiquity Will Change the Way You Browse the Web

Holey moley! Things are changing – almost to the point of being scary. We’re going to have a lot of catching up to do in the next several years, as we move toward the “browser OS”. Enter Ubiquity – a new Firefox extension that will change the way you communicate with the web. Though we’ve known about it for many months now, the lab has recently released a major update. Be sure to review this screencast, by Aza Raskin, that details exactly what Mozilla’s Ubiquity project is…

Hear-ye… hear-ye… CAPTCHA is dead!!

Mark: Akismet: Make Commenting Easy

Back in the early days of blogging and when comment spamming was still fairly small scale (compared to today) one method people used to stop a spambot was to use a CAPTCHA. The idea was that a comment spambot could not read the image and so the comment would fail and you would not get any spam. Obviously the spammers really did not like these CAPTCHA’s so they devoted resources to get around them…

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