From piddly dialup to real speed!!

After arriving in Sydney last night I have not been able to help myself and have already taken full advantage of the fantastic internet speeds available to the average folks Downunder.

I’m staying at my Mum’s whom has just had an upgrade to ADSL2 installed. Coming from PNG where folks basically rely on shitty expensive dialup speeds with low speed and costly broadband just becoming availbale recently – I can’t help but show off a little here as to what ADSL2 means in real terms as far as performance and download speeds. Unbelievable!!

After Emmanuel shared the other day about how he had just had ADSL installed and was getting…

Speedtest for ADSL broadband by Emmanuel in Moresby

Speedtest for ADSL broadband by Emmanuel in Moresby

And here’s what I’m getting at my Mum’s – right now – over wireless!

Speedtest for ADSL2 broadband right now at Mums at Umina Beach

Speedtest for ADSL2 broadband right now at Mum's at Umina Beach

And just to give you an idea – here’s what Mum is actually paying for the above service…

Optusnet ADSL2 Broadband Plans

Optusnet ADSL2 Broadband Plans

Mum’s on the 2Gb plan by the way – which costs AU$30 per month – approximately K70 – and guess what? It includes a VoIP service called ENGIN – which means lots of free phone calls!!

Papua New Guinea…. when are you going to catch up and get your act together?

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5 responses to “From piddly dialup to real speed!!”

  1. Emmanuel Narokobi

    Thanks Rob for the comparisons, at least now we have some concrete goals we can formulate as to what speeds we should and need to get for PNG.

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  3. Wayfarer

    Ahh, yes, Australian conx speeds compared to PNG is the same as Korean to Aus. Aus is so far behind in this regard.