The Best of News Feeds #18

A collection of technical favourites and nerdy type articles (together with some not so nerdy) that have recently found their way into the newsreader:


Will Microsoft ever see the light?

Australian IT: Sober launch for Windows 7

THE most important launch in Microsoft’s history will be devoid of the hype that has traditionally accompanied the release of its latest OS…

Onya WordPress!

Paul Kim: 2009 Open Source CMS Report Released

WordPress was one of three leaders in both rate of adoption and brand strength as measured in the 2009 Open Source Content Management System Market Share Report. The second edition of this report, authored by water&stone and CMSWire… OSS CMS Market Share Report OSS CMS Market Share Report (4.11 MB)

Something for the old folks to get excited about…

Andrew Burgess: 10+ Reasons Why you Should Definitely Upgrade to Windows 7

I’m a PC, and I’ve always been one. That’s why I’m excited about the late release of Windows 7. I’ve been playing with the beta and release candidate for 10 months now, and for the last few months, I’ve been running Windows 7 exclusively. So let’s see what Microsoft’s latest offering is all about!

Learn a little about the concept of an Open Web…

msurman: What is the open web? Two things, at least.

There have been bunch of Mozilla people asking the question ‘what is the open web?‘ of late. Atul, Jono and Mitchell all blogged about it a few weeks back. People at MozaCamp Europe drew pictures and wrote tag lines about it. Blizzard surveyed about it. Over 160+ people responded (snapshot in this wordle)…

More power for the chaps…

Erin Edgerton: President Obama Signs Emergency Declaration for H1N1 Flu

In an effort to pro-actively address the ongoing pandemic, the President signed a National Emergency Declaration on H1N1 that allows healthcare systems to quickly implement disaster plans should they become overwhelmed…

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