The Best of News Feeds #20

A collection of technical favourites and nerdy type articles (together with some not so nerdy ones) that have recently found their way into my newsreader:


Secrets, Health and Government!!

Australian IT: Secret e-health reports to be released

THREE separate investigations on privacy concerns conducted over the past three years on e-health are finally to be made public….

E-this… and E-that… E-everywhere

Australian IT: Health misses key goals

THE federal Health Department did not meet its e-health implementation targets for 2008-09, failing to progress the electronic sharing of clinical information…

The beginning of the end?

Australian IT: Microsoft cuts 800 jobs

MICROSOFT said it is cutting a further 800 jobs across its operations…

Hear yee… hear yee… long live Facebook!!

Arnold Zafra: Study: New Technology Does Not Make You Anti-Social

Those who are worried that their kids, loved ones and significant others will become anti-social due to Internet overdose can now rest easy. The latest Pew Internet Study on Social Isolation and Technology shows that contrary to popular belief social networking and online activities does not really affect one’s sociability…

A collection of excellent CSS references!

SpeckyBoy: CSS References, Tutorials, Cheat Sheets, Conversion Tables and Short Codes

Werther you are a CSS guru or a CSS novice you will always need some help, some resources, some tutorials, some references and, of course, some cheat sheets. In this article we have collected the best resources for answering all possible CSS questions as well as how to understand CSS and how to use it properly…

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