The Best of News Feeds #23

A collection of favourites, including some nerdy type articles together with some not so nerdy ones, which have recently found their way into my newsreader – together with a one line comment.


The idiot box evolves!

by Lara Sinclair: Seven first with interactive ads

SEVEN is set to become the first free-to-air television network to offer interactive ads from April via a TiVo set-top box. The internet connection on the TiVo device, which is licensed in Australia and New Zealand by Hybrid Television Services, will provide the back channel to send data back to the broadcaster….

Thanks Speckboy!

by Speckyboy: 8 Free Pictogram Icon Libraries and Collections

A pictogram is a graphical symbol that can represent a sign, simple instructions or even an idea.In essence, pictograms area concept that has been stripped down to its bare essentials, yet still recognizable as the original idea…

Just what the doctor ordered!

by Werner Heuser: Kismet – 802.11b network sniffer and network dissector for WLAN (2009-11-R1)

Kismet is an 802.11b network sniffer and network dissector, it is capable of sniffing using most wireless cards….

Interesting stats…

by Kalena Jordan: Yahoo Highlights Search Trends for 2009

Today Yahoo launched its 2009 Year in Review which features the top trends and web searches made on Yahoo for 2009…

Lower than shark shit!

by Isaac Nicholas: K60m ‘gone’

MORE than K60 million allocated by the National Government for emergency relief and restoration efforts after Cyclone Guba devastated Oro province in 2007 has “gone missing”…

The truth about Winblow$ V7 emerges

by Reuters: Microsoft denies “black screen of death” issues

MICROSOFT said it could find no evidence that recent security updates were causing problems with its new Windows 7 operating system, which some have dubbed the “black screen of death.”…

An excellent instructional read

by Burak Guzel: HTTP Headers for Dummies

Whether you’re a programmer or not, you have seen it everywhere on the web. At this moment your browsers address bar shows something that starts with “http://”. Even your first Hello World script sent HTTP headers without you realizing it. In this article we are going to learn about the basics of HTTP headers and how we can use them in our web applications…

Open Source and the Unexpected!

by Werner Heuser: Why Open Source Phones Still Fail

“Truly open-development, open-source phones like the Nokia N900 will never hit the mainstream in the US because wireless carriers in the country hate the unexpected, writes PCMag’s Sascha Segan. The open-source philosophy is all about unexpected, disruptive ideas bubbling upwards, and that drives network planners nuts…

Google search reloaded!

by Titus Hoskins: Google Caffeine And The New Ranking Factors

Google Caffeine is the name given to Google’s “Next Generation” search engine, which it will use to rank and index all the pages on the wonderful world wide web. According to all indications, this is not just another one of Google’s infamous Updates, but a major “Overhaul” of its index and algorithm – the complex formula and calculations Google uses to rank all web pages, including yours…

Open Source rapidly gaining market share

by Werner Heuser: Linux Reaches 32% Netbook Market Share

“Linux netbooks have captured 32% of the global netbook market, says Jeff Orr, an analyst with consumer computer research firm ABI Research. The largest share of netbook sales is in the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, according to Orr..

Just in time to celebrate the LNG signing!

by Emmanuel: Dial-a-Beer, Call 723 26919

Yes that’s right, no more worrying about liqour shops closing at 7pm, no more worrying about going to black market outlets in potentially dodgy areas. Now you can just dial a beer. I actually came across them when they rocked up to sell beers at the wharf before people were taking off for Operation Baby Blue…

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