Time is getting away

With my last working day at Goroka General Hospital set for the 29th of January and return flight to Sydney booked for 8th of February time is surely ticking away.

After almost five years of volunteering in Papua New Guinea I have decided to call it quits! From volunteering that is. I will head down to Sydney for a short break and then get busy in an effort to find a way back to a land and a people that I have very much connected with. As “Arnie” said in one of his movies: “I will be back”!

There is much to do within the next four weeks and once I step on that plane on the 8th of Feb – I will probably be a worn out wreck. Between packing, putting stuff in storage, slowly winding up here at work there’s also much energy going into convincing the clan that my sojourn to Sydney is only temporary.

And as a I reflect on PNG and all the nuances of a culture rapidly emerging into a modern world – I am immensely relieved to have the “hut” out at the village, clan members and Eli herself to find solace in what would otherwise be a soul and gut wrenching departure.

So in these “final” days I choose to find comfort in the precious and the special that I have discovered in this land. A land and a people that are being hit with change harder and faster than what you could ever imagine – the landscape changes from day to day and slowly, a place which should really be given the status of a living global museum is surely being raped and pillaged by the greed of a few.

The village, the clan, the fresh water and garden foods, the old people and the simplicity of it all, will forever hold and symbolise the sacred for me – and it’s what continues to give me comfort at this point of my life journey.

So here’s a few photos taken in the village over the past two weeks…

Young Papa in the Haus Kuk (17/12/09)
Young Papa standing next to an unfinished “Haus Kuk” beside the “Hut”

Billy the goat eyeing the knife thats about to give it the chop (17/12/09)
Billy the goat “eyeing” the knife that’s about to give it the chop

The Hut from side on (17/12/09)
The Hut from side on (17/12/09)

Those of you keen to take a peek at other photos taken in the village recently just click-i-ti-click on one of the following thumbnails…

Keto-Tapasi Progress Association 1st Anniversary (album):

Album Kaubasis Visit 20091215 - 1st Anniversary

Xmas celebrations in the village (album):

Album Kaubasis Visit 20091225 - Xmas

And as I stare the unknown and a new challenge in the face I am reminded that it’s precisely the direction where true spirituality lies.

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4 responses to “Time is getting away”

  1. Christine Pakakota

    Hi Roberto
    I am a journalist with the National Newspaper in PNG and I seeking permission to reprint the above in our Youth & Careers pages….

  2. Walt

    Wow! You’ve certainly got a lot of change and uncertainty coming your way in 2010, Rob. Like you imply, ultimately that can provide positive growth even though it doesn’t always look that way. Here’s hoping you maneuver gracefully around obstacles and through challenges and end up where you want to be!
    All the best,
    PS: also here’s hoping you still find time for the occasional Trupela Tok entry.