The Best of News Feeds #26

Out of the hundreds of stories that have recently found their way into my newsreader – here’s a collection of my favourites together with a one line comment.


For over a week the ATM’s were down!

by Daisy Taniova Pawa: Banks hit by Telikom outage

MANY people have been affected by the disruption of telecommunication links between Port Moresby and Lae…

A common occurrence along the H’Ways of PNG

by Jeffrey Elapa: Huge landslide cuts off Madang highway

A MASSIVE landslide has blocked off an entire section of the Madang-Ramu Highway, a few metres away from the Usino junction in Madang province, leaving Madang town-bound traffic and passengers stranded…

The 3G/64Gb model sounds like a must!

by Ben Charny: Apple unveils a new iPad tablet

APPLE chief Steve Jobs has unveiled the hotly-anticipated iPad tablet this morning, a game-changing device between a laptop and the smartphone…

An interesting site for parents and students alike

by Justine Ferrari: Parents guide to My School website

THE My School website at, contains a report on every school in the nation, government and non-government schools alike, for the first time collating student results in national literacy and numeracy tests as well as other information…

Running is not like it used to be!

by Sjroep: A real nice run

Working and living around people who are very sport minded sort of makes you join in. I decided to take up running again. Since it rather cold I was reluctant to run bare footed. So Merijn took me to run2day. They have a very slick approach. You come in and the sales person guides you to a running lane…

A definite win for Open Standards

by Mmm Danish dept: Denmark Chooses ODF Document Format

The winner is chosen. ODF runs the victory as public open document standard. The settlement is in place Friday morning shortly before the debate question that otherwise would have twisted the arm of the government and force through a dual solution with ODF and OOXML-strict as open standards. ..

Thanks UK

by Baby Steps dept: tweaks open source policy small print

The government published the latest revision to its policy today, after it brought in new measures to promote open standards and encourage the reuse of software on 25 February 2009. Measures outlined in the strategy – which took five years to be overhauled – included an education programme, guidance on procurement from the Chief Information Officers (CIO) Council, headed up by John Suffolk, and assessment of new products. It also aimed to spotlight open standards by ensuring systems were interoperable and avoided product lock-in…

Will Google knock Facebook out with a head butt?

by Lara Sinclair: Google takes on Facebook with launch of email Buzz

GOOGLE is hitting back at the popularity of social networking website Facebook with the launch in Australia of Google Buzz, which allows Gmail users to see their friends’ updates from their email account…

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