The rantings and ravings of this finely tuned lunatic in the form of poetry and verse. A quasi attempt to share with you insights into the indescribable. The truth will set you free but it will probably kick your arse first. Be my guest!

“Farewell Tante Tonia…”

Farewell dear Aunt
As you leave us,
May your journey into the beyond,
Be a safe and peaceful one

“Words of idiocy”

Words of idiocy bursting at the rim,
the old noggin worse for wear.

From cafe society to the capital,
only the Bird makes half a decent cuppa.


The pigs squeal,
the river flows,
people work their gardens


And here we were at Goroka airport,
to check Mum in,
for her return flight to Sydney
How time flies!

“Farewell Mum”

You left us this morning Mum,
and the tears flowed,
we were all sad to see you leave


Sometimes it’s not what it’s cracked up to be,
Life that is,
like a wave
that eventually crashes
and dies


Due to problems with my blog site – today’s entry is going to be short and sweet. By short and sweet I literally mean short and sweet

“The bank queue”

I dread going to the bank,
I really – really dread going to the bank.
There’s always a queue,
Always a very – very long queue

“Relaxed PNG style”

Today’s been one of those days,
A relaxing day,
An interactive day,
Tops for a Saturday.

“Nothing much”

When there’s nothing much to write
and little to say.
When I feel the need to post
and share my day

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