Street Pasin

Street Pasin

Port Moresby, Lae, Goroka, Madang. Wabeg or Mt Hagen – PNG towns all have the following in common: lots of people, markets, buai spet, more people, bus stops, pick-pocket-eers, settlements and street sellers. Allow me to share with you and give you an insight into PNG town culture that very few “whites” ever get to experience. By the way – PMV is the local term for a bus.

Goroka Trip – Photos

More photos have been posted to the Goroka Trip (17/2/06) photo album. Each photo has a caption and if you go to the photo album (by clicking the above link) you will notice a flow and a story to the photo sequence. FYI this is how most of my photo albums have been layed out

Goroka Trip – Part #2

The journey up the highlands highway included the mandatory stopover at 40 Mile Market. This particular market is smack bang in the middle of the Markham Valley and its main produce being buai. People travelling back and forth between the Highlands and coastal areas always pickup some buai at these markets to take home or back to their villages. The place is filthy and there is never a shortage of street sellers and people trying to hitch a free ride up or down the highway

Goroka Trip – Part #1

This past weekend I headed up to Goroka for a total of 4x days. This was my 3rd trip up to the Eastern Highlands town and was to be a little different to the previous two as I was travelling with Eli and staying with some of her relatives in a small village just outside of Goroka called “Massey”

Thanks to PNG Power…

No blog entry today!! I got into work at around 9:00am this morning and no power !! At around 2:00pm the power was still out – so I went home for a nap. When I woke up at around 5:00pm the power was back on but the water was out

Goroka – Day #3

Up at 6am, checked out the hotel by 7am and on the road in PMV at 7:05am. While I was settling the account at hotel reception, Eli went to wait outside the hotel, by the time I had come outside, Eli had already hailed a PMV headed in Lae direction

Goroka – Day #2.2

Markets in PNG are a hub of activity and gathering, all sorts of fresh produce can be purchased here, as well as animals, clothes, plus an assortment of variousother items

A fight at the bus stop just outside the main gate…

with camera in hand!! I was on my way into town today with Eli and a fight broke out at the bus stop just outside the main gate of campus

Goroka – Day #2.1

After a sleep-in and a cup of hotel room coffee, Eli and myself left the hotel and started heading towards the Main Markets

Goroka – Day #1

Up at the crack of dawn. Eli had organised a PMV to pick us up from home at 7:00am. Dawn to 7:00am gave us enough time to shower, pack, have some breakfast and for me to sit down and have a 30min meditation

Goroka Photos

I made it back to Lae safely yesterday early afternoon. Unlike my 1st trip to Goroka – I did manage to take take quite a few photos this trip and I have started posting these

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