Street Pasin

Street Pasin

Port Moresby, Lae, Goroka, Madang. Wabeg or Mt Hagen – PNG towns all have the following in common: lots of people, markets, buai spet, more people, bus stops, pick-pocket-eers, settlements and street sellers. Allow me to share with you and give you an insight into PNG town culture that very few “whites” ever get to experience. By the way – PMV is the local term for a bus.


Here we come!! Early tomorrow I will be leaving Lae and heading up to Goroka for the weekend. This will be my 2nd visit to this Eastern Highlands town and on this occasion I will be travelling with Eli. I am certainly looking forward to a couple of days away from campus and immersing myself with the locals and also the cooler climate

West Taraka – “The Wild West”

About a 15 min walk from the University’s main gate (Unigate) is the suburb or settlement of West Taraka. The locals commonly refer to West Taraka as the “Wild West”

Help is never far away in PNG

Last night three of us went out for dinner. There was Peter (my PNG friend) and Geoffrey (a new arrival in Lae from AVI). Peter picked both of us up from my place and we headed into town at around 7:15pm. We ended up eating chinese at one of the local restaurants called Kwantung

Lae – the pothole city…?

This story appeared in today’s edition of The National:

LAE is returning to its earlier reputation of being PNG’s “pothole city” with the business community describing the roads as “dreadful”. Most of the city’s roads are riddled with potholes while the roads that were upgraded and sealed by AusAID several years

Hey brother can I get a lift ?

The series of photos below show a very common site all over PNG. Due to the shortage of vehicles and the general distances that people need to travel you will see utilities and trucks packed to the brim with wantoks

One of the many Buai stores on campus…

Buai or betelnut is extremely popular in PNG and the number of stores where you can buy the stuff reflects this demand. UNITECH is no exception to this and therefore you will find plenty of buai being sold on campus

A few Saturday’s ago….

About three Saturday’s ago I drove with Peter out to the Baptist Church at Tent Siti, we were heading out there to pickup his daughters and some of their friends, it was around 8pm and it was already dark

Madang Settlement adjacent to UNITECH

I had the opportunity Saturday before last to venture into the settlement that lies adjacent to the UNITECH campus. Settlements are very common in PNG especially in the larger towns. Lae has a population of around 140,000 and there would have to be close to 120,000 people living in these settlements areas. If you look at a map of Lae you will notice many of these settlements or compounds. The Madang settlement adjacent to UNITECH is an example of one such settlement

Run them over !

“If you see anyone standing in the middle of the road with a gun and who is not a policeman, run them down,”

Nothing like letting go of a “little” tension…

This past Friday the students were involved in a good old fashioned stone fight and released some tension in the process. As I left work I noticed some commotion near the main entrance of UNITECH (commonly known as UNIGATE). As I got closer I realised that the students were involved in a stone fight with some of the local lads from Taraka

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