Wordpress is a blog publishing application and content management system. It was first released in May 2003 by its co-founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little as the successor to b2/cafelog. It is powered by PHP and a SQL data backend. As of September 2009, Wordpress is used by 62.8 million websites in the US and 202 million websites worldwide.


I have taken my new photo album software: Coppermine for a bit of a test run over the past few days and although not perfect – I have made a decision to use it (for now). Click here to see my new Photo Albums site!


The migration process has finally started!

Photos will no longer be posted to this blog and from now on will be posted to my new and revised online Photo Album website

Robert@PNG evolves…

I have already made a decision to migrate to another blogging platform: Wordpress. As I have already mentioned this process is both slow and painful but with a little persistence and despite Eli’s nagging to spend less time on the Laptop – I’m slowly getting there

Bloggers are working themselves to death!!!

Story as it appeared in and god please have mercy on me!!

I have come to the realisation…

That this blog migration project is going to be a mammoth exercise! Between getting the new one setup and keeping the current one up and running – there’s going to be little time to move all of my old posts across to the new format

The trupela concept…

Starts to take shape but without much substance yet. As mentioned in a previous post I have been busy with the setting up of a new website – Trupela Tok V4 – the “V” stands for version by the way! Although an enjoyable and challenging task – by no means simple or easy

The last few days…

I have not posted anything to the blog. Why? Two reasons: 1) Eli played in a soccer tournament and I tried to catch as many games as I could. 2) Between games I was busy working on my new blog/website project


I mentioned a week or so ago that I had registered a new Domain Name: “trupela.com” OK my main reason for indulging like this is to slowly migrate my blog over to a Wordpress format. Well this process has begun!


I gave myself a birthday present this week a domain name!


Finally! I have now got Skype working. Nothing like the old “R-R-R” to fix a  problem with MS Windows (Reboot – Reinstall – Reboot)!!

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