Working for the man

Working for the man

“Hey now you better listen to me everyone of you – We got a lotta lotta lotta lotta work to do – Forget about your woman and that water can – Today we’re working for the man – well pick up your feet – we’ve got a deadline to meet – I’m gonna see you make it on time – Don’t relax – I want elbows and backs – I wanna see everybody from behind – ‘Cause your working for the man working for the man – you gotta make him a hand when you’re working for the man”… (Roy Orbison)

My 1st full week back at work

Tis Friday PM and I just finished my 1st full week back at work since December 2006. And guess what? I’m thoroughly enjoying it!


That’s all folks !!

Shit happens !

And shit did happen to my dear friend Roger P. last week!

Farewell UNITECH !

Colleagues and friends, time for me to signoff and say goodbye

The frustration still building…

My frustration levels are still on the rise. The process of trying to get things wrapped up here at UNITECH is taking much longer and requiring more effort than what I had originally anticipated. With each day that passes my chances of being home for xmas day is looking slimmer and slimmer

PC to Laptop

Work desktop has been decommissioned and Laptop is back in action

Farwell to my colleagues…

from Business Studies. A few of my colleagues from within the department were kind enough to organise a farewell for those of us leaving UNITECH (thanks a million). The gathering was held last night (Thursday) at Anthony’s place (next door) and most staff from Business Studies turned up with their partners on the evening.

I am now available for presentations on PNG…

I have decided to make myself available for presentations and discussions on my adventures and travels in PNG

I’m very anxious…

The prospect of being home by xmas is not looking terribly crash hot. About two weeks ago I initiated the process of contract termination, including the payout of monies owed. Although there remains over three weeks before we hit xmas – I am not terribly confident (at this stage) of being paid out outstanding entitlements

The “exit” process…

A pain in the proverbial! With my time here at UNITECH slowly drawing to an end, I have commenced the employment termination process. There are forms to fill out and people to see. Paperwork – paperwork – and more paperwork!!

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